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Role: lead vocals and guitar
Birthday: January 7th
Blood type: AB
Guitar: Fender Mexico (Cyclone) Sunburst
Back-up guitar: Fender USA (Mustang) White
Amp: Fender Twin Reverb

  • loves sweets
  • writes all the lyrics and most of the music
  • Ikuno

    Role: bass
    Birthday: February 5th
    Blood type: AB
    Bass: Rickenbacker 4001 USA Red Sunburst

  • studied computer graphics before joining noodles
  • writes the music for a few songs each album
  • was featured in Bass Girls
  • Ayumi

    Role: drums and back-up vocals
    Birthday: August 28th
    Blood type: A
    Snare: Pearl 5 1/2
    Drum set: TAMA Starclassic Silver
    Pedal: TAMA

  • worked with audio technology before noodles; still very interested in observing how it's done
  • Former members


    Role: lead guitar

  • left noodles in 2004 for reasons unknown