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Yoko's first solo live show

On 11.2.2013, Yoko performed her very first live show all by herself. The show was at Tokyo Cotton Village Suzuki Yukiko from Bugy Craxone. Yoko stated in her diary that she was nervous standing in front of an audience without Ayumi and Ikuno there with her, especially because the audience was so close to her. However, once she got to playing, time flew by and it was a great show, even though she felt like she could have done better.

Set list:

  1. Explorer [from album Explorer]
  2. Hello Mr. Eugene [from album Cover me Shakespeare]
  3. Permanent [song by Yoko from MY ROOM IS DELICIOUS vol. 1]
  4. YUUMEI DORIIMU [cover]
  5. Reality [cover]
  6. BERUBETO no kawa [from album Deep beyond the dream]
    (Velvet river)
  7. SKIN [from album SNAP]
More information
  • Yoko's Diary (11.05.2013 entry discusses the show) [Japanese]