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Keikaku Interview 2005

  • Where is noodles from?


  • How did noodles form?

    We formed the band as friends in 1991.

  • How were you introduced to music?

    We started playing instruments once we formed the band.

  • When or how did you learn to play music or instruments?

    When I was a kid I listened to The Carpenters and other oldies, and from there I got into music.

  • Were any of you in bands before noodles?


  • Who were your rock n roll heros growing up, Japanese and or Western?

    From oldies to The Pixies, there've been a lot.

  • Besides Yoko's Mustang and Ikuno's 4001 Rick what other guitars or equipment do you like or use? Pedals, amplifiers, anything, there's a few of us here that are real gearheads.

    We use a Fender Twin Reverb as a guitar amp and Tama drums. The bass amp is acoustic. Currently, I'm not using a Mustang, but a new Fender Cyclone.

  • Will Junko be replaced?

    No, we're going to remain a trio.

  • Now that you are a three piece band, what kind of adjustments will you be making?

    We have one less guitar, but other than that nothing's really going to change.

  • Sometimes you write and sing in english, why is that?

    When we want to stress something in our sound, we sing in English.

  • Is being a noodle a full-time job, or do the band members have other occupations?


  • What can be expected from noodles in the future?

    We will continue to make good music.

  • Is it just me or does Ayumi remind you of Ringo?

    Well, I don't hate Ringo...

  • Source: Keikaku