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Support noodles by buying their merchandise! Unfortunately, Japanese CD's and DVD's are a bit more expensive than U.S. releases (usually $25-$40 for a full album). Shipping and handling can also be expensive if you're shipping from Japan. You can save money by buying used or domestic releases.

Before you buy a DVD, please be aware that Japanese (region 2) DVD's will not work with American (region 1) DVD player. You will need a DVD player that plays region 2 DVD's or set up your computer to do so. I recommend researching if you're not yet familiar with the subject.

English websites

  • CD Japan
  • Cheap shipping, reward points.
  • Free shipping available.
  • Play-Asia
  • Cheap shipping.
  • Otaku
  • Has almost every noodles release, some very cheap, but some very expensive.

    Japanese websites

  • HMV
  • Auction websites

  • eBay
  • Ocassionaly you can find noodles merchandise for sale.
  • eBay Japan
  • In Japanese, sellers most likely ship from Japan.
  • Rinkya
  • This is a service that allows you to bid in online auctions in other countries. Useful for finding noodles merchandise on sites like eBay Japan, but they do charge services fees and with shipping, it can get pretty expensive.

    Official websites

  • noodles official site
  • They offer CD's and T-shirts for sale, but getting ahold of them is difficult....
  • noodles' label's official site, offers noodles merchandise for sale.
  • Benten Label
  • noodles' old label's official site, offers some noodles albums for sale.


  • BE@RBRICK official site
  • Possible to purchase the two noodles BE@RBRICK toys.

    If you have any noodles' merchandise (used CD's, T-shirts, etc.) that you'd like to sell, I'd be happy to post an ad for you in this section. Just shoot me an email: