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Take a moment to read over some notes regarding the content on Lesson 1, using lyrics/materials found here, and accuracy. Send any unanswered questions, concerns, or requests to admin@noodles.dx.am.

noodles copyright

Lesson 1 is a fan site dedicated to providing a myriad of information about noodles. The site was created and is managed by cabie. I claim no ownership of copyrighted materials. All names, titles, images, lyrics, audio, video, and other materials of noodles belong to their respective copyright owners. Any work on Lesson 1 credited to me or other people is meant only to give credit to the result of working with information, such as scanning and uploading booklets or pictures; typing out, transcribing, or translating lyrics; researching information; and the likes.

Credit to outside contributions

Some people make submissions to Lesson 1 to be shared on the website. Any thing contributed by someone else will be credited to that person, with a name, email, and/or website linked per his or her request.

Using content on Lesson 1

You are free to use the content on Lesson 1 however you'd like. However, if you plan on using it outside the website (such as in a blog or on your own personal website), please give appropriate credit to Lesson 1. Providing a note stating that you retrieved whatever content from Lesson 1 with a link to it (http://noodles.dx.am) will suffice. I also ask that you send me a courtesy email (admin@noodles.dx.am) to inform me that you are using content from my website and where you are using it.

Note that not all of the work on Lesson 1 is mine; many people contribute work to share on the website. This may include things like lyrics, album scans, tabs, pictures, research, and much more. Any work that is not mine is credited to the person who sent it to me at the bottom of the page.

Common knowledge

In academia, "common knowledge" is defined as a piece of information that the average person would know (for example, there are 365 days in a year). It is basically any thing that can be easily found from multiple sources; therefore, it would not be fair to credit it to any one person.

For Lesson 1, this would include things like track lists, song titles, music videos, and much more. Things like this do not need to be credited. That is to say, if you post the track list of an album or a picture of Yoko on another website, no one expects you to give credit to Lesson 1 just because you found it here.

Basically, my contributors and I ask that if you use something that required extended effort and came uniquely from us, you give us credit. This would be things such as translations of lyrics, album scans, and tabs.


The lyrics section is probably the biggest, most frequently used, and most difficult part to manage of Lesson 1. There is a lot of information involved that takes a tremendous amount of work and leaves plenty of room for error.

Using Lesson 1's lyrics

It takes hours of hard work to make these lyrics available on Lesson 1; typing and coding the English lyrics pages can be time consuming, but transcribing and translating the Japanese lyrics can take hours. I do this so noodles fans can use them freely as their hearts desire.

I ask that if you use these lyrics somewhere else online, please respect the hard work they require by crediting Lesson 1 with a link to http://noodles.dx.am and send me a courtesy email (admin@noodles.dx.am).

Thank you for being respectful of this! :D

English lyrics

Lyrics are typed exactly as presented in the booklets, unless there is either an obvious typo or it is clear, beyond any doubt, that Yoko is singing something different. For example, in Bond she sings "You should go to San Francisco", but the booklet says "You be gone San Francisco".

Any grammatical errors are indeed what she is singing and part of the official lyrics. Spelling errors from the booklets are corrected in this section of the site. To see how the lyrics are technically presented in the booklets, refer to the scans section.

If you notice a misspelling or typo that you think is not supposed to be a part of the official lyrics, please let me know! Send an email to admin@noodles.dx.am with the song, the error, and the correction.

Transcribed lyrics

"Transcribe" is to convert something from one form of writing to another. In this case, I transcribe lyrics from Japanese script to Western (English) script so those who can't read Japanese are still able to read the lyrics.

The first section of each song's page is the transcribed lyrics. Japanese lyrics that I have transcribed into Western script are italicized to help differentiate between the two languages.

Lyrics in Japanese script

For most songs, I provided the lyrics in Japanese script. This can help differentiate between which lyrics are in Japanese and which are in English. Because noodles switch back and forth between languages so frequently, it can be difficult to tell at first glance. Typically this will be the second section of a song's page.

The Japanese script is also there for those who are able to read Japanese. This can serve as a referrence if someone notices any errors in my transcriptions or translations, thereby making it easier to point them out to me.

Translated lyrics

I have translated some Japanese lyrics into English. Translations can be found in the third section of the song's page at the bottom if they are available. I have spent many years studying Japanese and earned my minor in Japanese Language and Culture at Webster University; however, I don't find the opportunity to practice very often. These translations are by no means professional. If you notice any errors in my translations, please email me at admin@noodles.dx.am and hopefully we will be able to fix them together!

Translating is just as much an art as a science. There can be a dozen different ways to translate something, especially when it comes to translating an Asian language into English. The translations I've provided are my interpretation of what I feel is the best way to say it in English.

If you speak Japanese and would like to help me translate, transcribe, correct my mistakes/provide better translations, or have questions regarding the Japanese language, just shoot me an email: admin@noodles.dx.am.