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Yes, I'm still alive.

Yoko and Sawao (lead singer of the pillows) performed I'm Waiting For My Man (by Velvet Underground) at the Acoustic Bump Show!! on 2.14.2014 at Club QUE. A video of that performance is now available in the Videos section under "live videos". I also added the lyrics in the Lyrics section. Did a little bit of cleaning up, decorating, and reorganizing to various pages of the website. The Biography looks especially nifty cause I added pictures and more information :D

Hopefully soon I'll get around to posting more lyrics and stuffs. It's my summer project.


Added lyrics and translations for the creatures (from album SNAP) and 17hon no PEN ("17 pens", from single HUSH BELL). The lyrics for the creatures are actually kinda cute! :o I also decided to add another option for sorting song lyrics; you can view a list of song lyrics that have Japanese titles with the title transcribed, in Japanese script, and in their official English title (or unofficial translation if there is no official English title).


GO WEST lyrics are up! Because I finally got my copy of We Are noodles From Sentimental in the mail! :D So I will post scans of it very soon. Also added no track notebook lyrics (from HUSH BELL single). Awesome song. I added a new feature to the lyrics page; there is now a drop-down menu that allows you to sort lyrics either by album (default setting), language, or alphabetical order. This might be useful if you're looking for songs that are 100% English, or if you're looking for the lyrics to a particular song, but you don't know what album it's from. If nothing else, it was fun to make ^^;;


I'm excited to say that new tabs are posted! We now have Sweeper and Ingrid said tabs, thanks to jams. Also posted updated tabs for all of the songs on the Funtime album. And more tabs to come in the near-ish future! :D


Added information on the pillows DVD We are Friends, which features 3 live noodles songs. Added 6 Colors, mellow metallica, and Stay Here Don't Go Away PV to the music videos list, as I received NOODLES COME TRUE the other day and discovered these songs actually do have PV's. Hopefully soon I will be able to upload them! Also added a page detailing Ikuno, Ayumi, Yoko solo work with MY ROOM IS DELICIOUS volumes 1 and 2 and Discharge in the featuring noodles page under the Culture section.


Yoko says she likes my website, and it makes her happy! ^.^ I'm so very honored; I blushed for about 20 minutes when I read that. It's so nice to know noodles appreciates Lesson 1 and that it's serving its purpose, which is to support noodles. I never in a million years would have thought they would ever see my website, so this is very flattering for me as well as everyone who contributed! :D

Actual site updates: added Traditional case lyrics. Add I recall lyrics and translation. Added black cover lyrics and translation. That song is WEIRD. It starts out with her talking about drinking a cappucino, and I don't even know what she's talking about after that. I'm pretty sure it's a song about when someone drugged her coffee with PCP... and she went "completely out of mind" o.o;; nevertheless it's an awesome song!


So much to report! An anonymous source sent me quite a bit of stuff, including some missing information from the splash special CD and pictures, which I posted in the scans section. Accordingly, I posted lyrics to the bonus track on splash, Happy Christmas (War is Over). I added information on another V.A. CD, Indies Magazine vol. 9, which features Ai wo hanatsu imeeji.

I found some details about Yoko's first solo live show from her diary, which I posted on its own page in the Featuring noodles section under Culture. Also did lots of coding/formatting stuff for various parts of the website, including using better pictures for the booklet scans. I plan on adding larger images for some of the smaller scans in the future.

Besides the splash "scans", I added booklet scans for Explorer, GOD CABLE, and our first noodles (again, all thanks to Dave). I just have to say, I really appreciate all the contributions you guys have sent me! Lesson 1 would be nowhere near as complete without them! I love you guys ♥


Lots of updates. noodles section: vastly extended the biography, now titled "Biography and History". Changed "History" page to "Timelines" page, which includes 3 detailed timelines of noodles history. Added a link to the special 20th Anniversary website (yeah, I know I'm 3 years too late...). Music section: did some coding updates and reorganized the discography; added some more details for a handful of albums.

I'm on a research kick, so I'll be (hopefully) adding lots of rare information, such as details on Yoko's first solo live shows, more details for the albums on the discography page, and such. I will definitely be adding the rest of the album scans soon, more pictures, and more lyrics. I got We Are noodles From Sentimental for Christmas (:D!) so I'll have scans for that and lyrics for GO WEST. If the single includes any other fun information, I will share that as well. And Jams is planning on sending me lots more tabs soon, so we have that to look forward to as well! :D Beautiful, beautiful liiiiiife!


As promised, I've started adding more stuff! I posted 5 new album scans: long long chain, MAKE UP TO BREAK UP, Cover me Shakespeare, THE MUSIC MOVES ME, and Deep Beyond The Dream. Seems random, you say? It is. I have more to post, it just takes time. Hopefully I'll have a (nearly) complete collection of booklet scans before 2014... :o


I'm so excited! I found the full Slow Coaster music video! :D It's 4 AM and I'm dead tired, but I couldn't wait... it's posted in the Videos section now! :D I've been looking for the full Slow Coaster video for FOREVER. So please enjoy it if you haven't seen it yet.

Now, Lesson 1 officially has every noodles music video. Yay! I know I haven't been updating much lately, but as a Christmas present to my fellow noodles fans, I will post lots of goodies before the 25th. If you have special requests for what you'd like me to add to the site, send me an email: admin@noodles.dx.am. And it will be my Christmas present to you! :)


Can you believe it's already December?

I added LOVE ME, Down Here In The Dark, and Tsumannai lyrics from the album MAKE UP TO BREAK UP. Also added October dim happiness lyrics. Added two videos: a live performance of Rainbow and a video of noodles talking about the release of the single We Are noodles From Sentimental. I plan to keep working on various lyrics, as well as add some live videos and more album scans before the year is over.


Forgive me for not updating in the last 24 years! Life is very busy at the moment. I just wanted to post the news about Yoko's first solo live! How exciting for her. Also I fixed some issues with the layout of the discography and pictures sections that somehow went unnoticed until now... also added some information about the BE@RBICKS; thank you to Terra from instant music for helping me translate some Japanese research.

I have lots of lyrics and album scans to post. I promise to get them up soon! ♥


We have album scans for SNAP, Fuzz hill, METROPOLIS, and Funtime! Thanks to Dave for these. Many more scans from Dave to come in near future. I also reorganized the pictures section to make it more user-friendly. Weeee!


New lyrics up: per request, splash (with translation) and perfect day. From the new album MAKE UP TO BREAK UP: Rock And Roll Love Letter and NICE AGE. Also made tons of corrections of minor mistakes in already posted lyrics.

Added the Japanese song titles from MAKE UP TO BREAK UP to the song identifier table. Added a page in the Lesson 1 section discussing Lesson 1's content and lyrics.

The biggest part of my updates that most of you won't even notice is the beginning of a huge recoding effort. You may have noticed the navigation bar is smaller. For you HTML geeks out there, I'm now using iframes, added meta tags with keywords and descriptions, an icon link the head, and am going back recoding my tags to make sure they are WC3 compliant. Fun. STUFF.

Coming VERY SOON: album scans galore, tons of lyrics, and videos. Stay tuned!


New lyrics! Per request, I added NO FAN lyrics (I will translate them soon). Thanks to Dave, I also put up lyrics for Heidi Club, Bond, and Electric The Sun. Amazing songs, even amazing-er lyrics! :D


Posted the Breakaway PV from MAKE UP TO BREAK UP! :D Also posted 2 videos of noodles commenting on Funtime and the initial discussion of their cover album, and 2 videos with audio of an episode of the Hot Splash talk show.


Did some reformatting for the home page and other sections of the site. Added a news article for the MAKE UP TO BREAK UP release (only one month late haha). Added a profile for Junko as well. I think she deserves more attention on the site than I've been giving her considering her many years with the band.


Added a Merchandise gallery to the culture section, which features pictures of all kinds of noodles merchandise. Right now all I have up is T-shirts, but there is more to come soon!


Posted lyrics for SKIN and Lesson 1. Annnddd added a tabs section with guitar tabs for the entire Funtime album! :D Thanks to jams for the submission!


Posted lyrics for Ever Fallen In Love, This Boy, See You, Cover me Shakespeare, velvet underground, kitty south, Twins Castle, Crystal Plum, and Vain Dog (in rain drop) translation and lyrics.

And I put up a new banner! It kinda clashes with the current site decor, but I think it still looks nice.


Added New Thrills and 6 Colors lyrics, and translations and lyrics for Blush Timpani and A Sad Room. Getting old school up in here. Also did some reformatting of the lyrics so the Japanese script is shown on the same page as the transcribed and translated lyrics.

I added booklet scans for the album ivy (thanks to Dave), a site map in the Lesson 1 section, and a link for Hot Splash, noodles' radio station.


Added a Song identifier page in the fun stuff section. This is a table that lists all of their songs with Japanese titles along with their English siblings, and other names the song may be listed under. I realized there are a handful of songs that are referred to by 2 or 3 different names (Japanese and English), so I hope this may clarify any confusion.

Also posted some more pictures! They're so adorable.


I made a discovery: noodles makes CD's specially for certain concerts. The only place one can obtain these CD's is to go to that specific show. This is what splash is, as well as your first noodles!!. I added this section to the discography, which includes the 3 I've found so far, splash, A SAD ROOM, and Modern Life. Also added a bunch of various artist albums that feature noodles.

I created a FAQ page, which includes some fun and useful information. This is under the noodles section. Also added a page under Featuring noodles that details Yoko's background vocals in Back seat dog by the pillows


Added Brain Child and mellow metallica lyrics. Added A Gravity Thief lyrics and translation. It's a very beautiful song. ♥


Added 3 interviews under the Culture section! They're quite interesting and informative. Did a little reorganizing of the noodles section and added a profiles page. Sadly minimal information about the girls is available... the official website only has their birthday, gear they use, and for some reason their blood types. I guess incase they need a donation from their more loyal fans?

Also added OH OH, Small Small King, and Love and Hate lyrics, and rainbow translation and lyrics.


Booklet scans for Gravity Thief, Slow Coaster, 6 Colors, Booster, HUSH BELL, Lesson 1, rainbow, lite pop and ON THE WALL have been posted in the Fun stuff section.


The Fun stuff section is now up! So far I have a picture gallery and some misheard lyrics. Coming soon will be album scans galore! Also added the lyrics to Sugar drum.


Added million chord lyrics and translation. Added a Links page in the noodles section. Added information about Mutant Girls Squad movie in the Culture section under Featuring noodles. Did some HTML/CSS improvements.


By request, added a page in the noodles section that lists various places you can buy noodles merchandise. Hopefully I'll be able to find more about where to buy T-shirts, concert tickets, etc.


Made some improvements to the Videos page. Added videos for Heidi Club [PV], Sweeper [live], Bond / Electric The Sun [live], the opening and ending themes for Senjo no GIRLS LIFE (Glasgow Girl and mellow metallica), trailers for Mutant Girls Squad, and a trailer for Love My Life.

Added DVD/VHS section to the discography and info on the splash single.

Added a list of covers done by noodles in the Culture section.


Okay! I put the Feedback, corrections, and suggestions page in the Lesson 1 section; hopefully this will encourage visitors to share their opinions and ideas for the website. Also added my profile in the Lesson 1 section, just for fun.

Added lyrics for Elvis, All About Me, and fool song, along with translations for All About Me and fool song. I'm sure they're mediocre, but accurate and decent for me being new at this. fool song literally took me 3 1/2 hours >.> but it was worth it! :) Lots more lyrics and translations to come, so stay tuned.


Added Graffiti, Beautiful, Until The Dying, Runaways, Explorer, Control, Lemon Tree, Left hand daughter, Copies Yesterday, and HUSH BELL lyrics. Because that's what the cool kids do. Next on the lyrical agenda is transcribing lots of Japanese lyrics into western script!


Added the Culture section, with pages for News and Featuring noodles. The News page is self explanatory; the Featuring noodles page includes information on movies, TV shows, covers of noodles song, and other cultural tidbits that feature noodles. Right now it's just a short list, but I will be adding more information soon.

Also created a simple form for the Submissions page that can be filled out and submitted as opposed to sending a scratch email.


Added the Biography page with a timeline of noodles' history. Also did lots of technical stuff, such as correcting some HTML and fixing many broken links.


Added music videos. If you go to the Videos page in the Music section, there is a list of all of noodles' PV's. Click the picture to watch (some of them will open Youtube in a new tab). Although sadly I can't find a full video for Slow Coaster... just the first 1:16 :/.


Lesson 1 is now live! The current URL is http://www.noodles.dx.am. I will look into getting a better domain name in the near future.

As of this moment, I'm working on uploading what I have completed so far online, and probably doing a lot of reorganizing in the process. So please excuse any broken links, layout goofs, etc. ♥


I did more lyrics! :D Transcribed Half metronome (which took hours... >.>) and MUSIC LIFE. Also added some more random English songs. And I got the Videos page started with a list of all their PV's. Those links will go somewhere eventually...


Well! I was quite productive today!

I finished the discography (err... the albums and singles, anyway). I still need to put up info for their DVD's/VHS, compilations albums, etc.

I also added like 400,000 lyrics. Many more to come, but I'm very proud of this: I actually transcribed and translated FLASH successfully! I mean, it's a short song lyric-wise and half of it is in English, but still! So that's posted. This means I'll be attempting to transcribe (and even translate!) more songs in the near future.


Did some more formatting on the discography. Added info for albums long long chain through Explorer.

Added the submissions page under the Lesson 1 section.


Created the home page today!


More cosmetic adjustments today, needless to say. Everyday it looks a little bit prettier!

I also started adding some actual content. I got the English lyrics for Funtime and METROPOLIS (also LOVE MY LIFE lyrics and translation) up, album information for Funtime under the discography, and started working on the Lesson 1 section, which will contain information pertinent to the site such as the Update Log and how to make contributions (lyrics, pictures, etc.).

Much, much more to come soon!


Did cosmetic surgery on pretty much the entire website. It's much more color-coordinated now, and less busy-looking.


And so Lesson 1 is born! Created the format for the website today, played with some different designs, added the Music page and started the Discography page. Many rapid additions and decorative changes to follow. We've only just begun