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Name: cabie
Age: 22
Location: St. Louis
School: Webster University
Major: B.A. Management (Human Resources emphasis)
Minor: Japanese Language and Culture
noodles fan since: 2004
Jobs: Papa John's (Manager)
Webster University Writing Center (Writing Coach)
Japanese teacher and tutor
Favorite noodles album: The Gravity Thief
Favorite noodles song: Half metronome
Favorite noodles songs: Twins Castle
All About Me
I recall
Favorite non-noodles band: Arch Enemy
Favorite movie: Red State
Favorite show: Weeds
Favorite anime: My Bride is a Mermaid
Favorite Pokemon: Poliwag
Hobbies: web design
Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access
teaching Japanese
writing (creative non-fiction and short novels)

my website

You can call me cabie. I decided to create Lesson 1 one day after spending hours searching the internet just to find (or not find) a very small amount of information about noodles. I realized there is no English website dedicated to noodles, so when an English-speaking fan wants to find a song lyric, music video, or whatever, he or she has to venture through a handful of different websites, trying to navigate many Japanese pages. I thought, there should be an English website that has a myriad of noodles resources gathered in one place. So I decided to create it.

This is a fansite made by an amateur. I put a lot of work into it, but it's not perfect. I just do my best. And I can't do it without the help of other noodles fans. All of your contributions and feedback make Lesson 1 possible! I hope you enjoy browsing my website as much as I enjoy making it. As always, contact me any time with your questions, suggestions, submissions, requests, or just to say hello to a fellow noodles fan. :D

Thank you for your support!!! ♥

my life

I'm a full time student at Webster University, working towards my B.A. in Management. My minor is Japanese Language and Culture. I'm set to graduate in May! I have no idea what I want to do for my career, but I'm thinking of doing something with counseling (such as an addiction treatment counselor) and pursuing my Master's Degree in a related field. I work as a Writing Coach at the Webster University Writing Center, where I help students who want to improve their writing skills, train new and existing Writing Coaches, and host writing-related seminars.

Outside of Webster University, I am a manager with Papa John's. I absolutely love this job! Before that, I was an Assistant Manager with Jack in the Box. I worked there since I was 16 and quit when I was 21 because my new boss was homophobic; she made a couple of remarks to me that made me uncomfortable as well as remarks to other employees, such as "I can't handle his... 'personality'... he's not long for this store." Before that unfortunate incident, I did enjoy my job there, despite the extreme stress. Together, my former boss and I ran one of the best Jack in the Box's in St. Louis. I gained a tremendous amount of experience in restaurant operations from that job, as well as strengthened my management skills and made a lot of wonderful, life-long friends! I'm not disdained by the descrimination, nor do I regret quitting that job. It eventually lead to a great temporary job at Papa John's and a plethora of experience and relationships that I wouldn't trade for anything. After quitting Jack in the Box and before starting at Papa John's, I also accepted a job offer as a manager with Taco Bell for almost a year. I do not recommend eating at Taco Bell; they treat their employees horribly and grossly underpay them (more so than any other fast food restaurant).

I also privately teach and tutor Japanese. I have one to five students at any given time, meeting with them individually for private lessons both in person and online. I focus on teaching grammar structure, vocabulary, and writing so my students can use a myriad of grammar and vocabulary to have many different types of conversations, as opposed to many Japanese textbooks that focus on conversations for specific scenarios; those are mostly for people going on a brief trip to Japan for business or vacations, not people who want to learn conversational Japanese. I've been studying Japanese since I was 12 beginning with self-lessons, then private lessons with a tutor, then taking classes at St. Louis Community Colleges and Webster University until I earned my minor in Japanese Language and Culture. I spent a week in Japan in 2009 and plan on going again soon, and hopefully see noodles in concert while I'm there! If you are interested in free, casual, online, conversational Japanese lessons, send me an email and we'll talk! :D

In my free time, I like to play around with Microsoft Excel, making various programs for fun such as budgetting, scheduling, and other programs that probably no one will ever use. I also play around with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Access. Besides Lesson 1, I'm also managing a website for my mom and stepdad's pool table bussiness, Game Room Billiard Service. I work on other random website projects here and there as well for fun. I'm proficient in HTML and CSS, and I'm currently working on improving my skills in JavaScript; I hope to be able to utilize JavaScript with Lesson 1 in the future.