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Benten vs. K.O.G.A 5th Anniversary



  1. Mummify M
    [Mummy The Peepshow]
  2. Take Me Out
    [Nudge'em All]
  3. Shirahata
    [Little Fujiko]
  4. Everything For You
    [The Playmates]
  5. Renaijun kesshōsen
    [Candy Eyeslugger]
  6. You Swivels
    [The Switch Trout]
  7. Right Right
  8. Never Wanna Waste My Soul
    [Samantha's Favourite]
  9. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
    [Petty Booka]
  10. FLU 83C
    [Yaung Skins]
  11. I Won't See You
  12. Tsumannai
  13. Automatic Eraser
    [The Automatics]
  14. Torakon bōzu
  15. Standing In The Shadows
    [Ron Ron Clou]
  16. Summer Time Blues
    [Lolita No. 18]


This is a VHS of live performances on July 5th, 9th, and 10th, 1998, at both On Air East in Shibuya and Club Quattro in both Shinsaibashi and Nagoya. Tsumannai is a cover of Chuuburanko.