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We are Friends



  1. Comic Sonic [the pillows]
  2. Funny Bunny [the pillows]
  3. Advice [the pillows]
  4. Rookie Jet [the pillows]
  5. Dance with God [the pillows]
  6. Doggie Howl [the pillows]
  7. Carnival [the pillows]
  8. Swanky Street [the pillows]
  9. LITTLE BUSTERS [the pillows]
  10. Ride on shooting star [the pillows]
  11. Blues Drive Monster [the pillows]
  12. Terminal Heaven's Rock [the pillows]
  13. I think I can [the pillows]
  14. Mr. Droopy [the pillows]
  15. Crazy Sunshine [the pillows]
  16. ONE LIFE [the pillows]
  17. HYBRID RAINBOW [the pillows]
  18. LAST DINOSAUR [the pillows]
  19. Ingrid said [noodles]
  20. Grease [noodles]
  21. She, her [noodles]
  22. Class Ring [All Ages]
  23. Let's Stay United [All Ages]


This is a DVD following the NAP (noodles, All Ages, the pillows) UTATANE tour in America. Shows were played in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Texas. Additional footage includes behind-the-scenes clips with the bands as well as other bonus material.