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Who are noodles?

There really isn't anything quite like noodles. They consist of 3 lovely girls, featuring Ayumi on drums, Ikuno on bass, and Yoko filling a dual roll on both lead vocals and lead guitar. Utilizing both Japanese and English lyrics, noodles creates music that is somehow catchy, cute, rockin', and sexy at the same time. They have been going strong since 1991, producing dozens of hits, with dozens more to come.

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  • What is Lesson 1?

    Lesson 1 is a fan-made website dedicated solely to noodles. My mission is to compile any and all information an English-speaking noodles fan could want, including lyrics, videos, discographies, pictures, biographies, and oh so much more. Please take your time to enjoy browsing Lesson 1 and check back every so often for updates on new releases, new videos, tours, and other new additions. I couldn't do it without the visits and contributions of noodles' thousands of loving and dedicated fans. ♥

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    So much to report! An anonymous source sent me quite a bit of stuff, including some missing information from the splash special CD and pictures, which I posted in the scans section. Accordingly, I posted lyrics to the bonus track on splash, Happy Christmas (War is Over). I added information on another V.A. CD, Indies Magazine vol. 9, which features Ai wo hanatsu imeeji.

    I found some details about Yoko's first solo live show from her diary, which I posted on its own page in the Featuring noodles section under Culture.

    Besides the splash "scans", I added booklet scans for Explorer, GOD CABLE, and our first noodles (again, all thanks to Dave). I just have to say, I really appreciate all the contributions you guys have sent me! Lesson 1 would be nowhere near as complete without them! I love you guys ♥


    Lots of updates. noodles section: vastly extended the biography, now titled "Biography and History". Changed "History" page to "Timelines" page, which includes 3 detailed timelines of noodles history. Added a link to the special 20th Anniversary website (yeah, I know I'm 3 years too late...). Music section: did some coding updates and reorganized the discography; added some more details for a handful of albums.

    I'm on a research kick, so I'll be (hopefully) adding lots of rare information, such as details on Yoko's first solo live shows, more details for the albums on the discography page, and such. I will definitely be adding the rest of the album scans soon, more pictures, and more lyrics. I got We Are noodles From Sentimental for Christmas (:D!) so I'll have scans for that and lyrics for GO WEST. If the single includes any other fun information, I will share that as well. And Jams is planning on sending me lots more tabs soon, so we have that to look forward to as well! :D Beautiful, beautiful liiiiiife!


    As promised, I've started adding more stuff! I posted 5 new album scans: long long chain, MAKE UP TO BREAK UP, Cover me Shakespeare, THE MUSIC MOVES ME, and Deep Beyond The Dream. Seems random, you say? It is. I have more to post, it just takes time. Hopefully I'll have a (nearly) complete collection of booklet scans before 2014... :o


    I'm so excited! I found the full Slow Coaster music video! :D It's 4 AM and I'm dead tired, but I couldn't wait... it's posted in the Videos section now! :D I've been looking for the full Slow Coaster video for FOREVER. So please enjoy it if you haven't seen it yet.

    Now, Lesson 1 officially has every noodles music video. Yay! I know I haven't been updating much lately, but as a Christmas present to my fellow noodles fans, I will post lots of goodies before the 25th. If you have special requests for what you'd like me to add to the site, send me an email: admin@noodles.dx.am. And it will be my Christmas present to you! :)

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    Yoko's first live solo performance!

    I'm sorry, but I can't resist this pun... Yoko's on her Ono :D

    Anyway, Yoko performed her first solo live show 11.2.2013 at Tokyo Cotton Village.

    I haven't been able to find many details on this, but from what I can gather, she is singing and playing guitar with original solo songs she has written as well as a couple of noodles' songs in solo version. It appears she is also performing solo on 12.27.2013 at DJ BUMP SHOW!!!

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