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Ikuno and Yoko solo work

The DELICIOUS LABEL release MY ROOM IS DELICIOUS vol. 1 features solo songs from Yoko and Ikuno. Yoko did a remix of 4 Track Horn and wrote a new song called Permanent. Ikuno, under the name pleiadeth, wrote two songs called Void and Naisho no hanashi. Ikuno/pleiadeath is again featured on MY ROOM IS DELICIOUS vol. 2 with the songs the ultimate trip and Motorcycle girl. These songs are heavily synthesized with Ikuno and Yoko doing the lead vocals for each of their own songs. I'm not sure how much, if at all, other musicians contributed to the recording of these songs. Solo work from Yoko and Ayumi is also featured on the pillows' Sawao Yamanaka's solo album Discharge.

In 2013 and 2014, Yoko also did her first handful of solo live performances, covering noodles songs as well as a few other artists. More information on that can be found on the Yoko's first solo live show page of this section.