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Who are noodles?

There really isn't anything quite like noodles. They consist of 3 lovely girls, featuring Ayumi on drums, Ikuno on bass, and Yoko filling a dual roll on both lead vocals and lead guitar. Utilizing both Japanese and English lyrics, noodles creates music that is somehow catchy, cute, rockin', and sexy at the same time. They have been going strong since 1991, producing dozens of hits, with dozens more to come.

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  • What is Lesson 1?

    Lesson 1 is a fan-made website dedicated solely to noodles. My mission is to compile any and all information an English-speaking noodles fan could want, including lyrics, videos, discographies, pictures, biographies, and oh so much more. Please take your time to enjoy browsing Lesson 1 and check back every so often for updates on new releases, new videos, tours, and other new additions. I couldn't do it without the visits and contributions of noodles' thousands of loving and dedicated fans. ♥

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    Yes, I'm still alive.

    Yoko and Sawao (lead singer of the pillows) performed I'm Waiting For My Man (by Velvet Underground) at the Acoustic Bump Show!! on 2.14.2014 at Club QUE. A video of that performance is now available in the Videos section under "live videos". I also added the lyrics in the Lyrics section. Did a little bit of cleaning up, decorating, and reorganizing to various pages of the website. The Biography looks especially nifty cause I added pictures and more information :D

    Hopefully soon I'll get around to posting more lyrics and stuffs. It's my summer project.


    Added lyrics and translations for the creatures (from album SNAP) and 17hon no PEN ("17 pens", from single HUSH BELL). The lyrics for the creatures are actually kinda cute! :o I also decided to add another option for sorting song lyrics; you can view a list of song lyrics that have Japanese titles with the title transcribed, in Japanese script, and in their official English title (or unofficial translation if there is no official English title).


    GO WEST lyrics are up! Because I finally got my copy of We Are noodles From Sentimental in the mail! :D So I will post scans of it very soon. Also added no track notebook lyrics (from HUSH BELL single). Awesome song. I added a new feature to the lyrics page; there is now a drop-down menu that allows you to sort lyrics either by album (default setting), language, or alphabetical order. This might be useful if you're looking for songs that are 100% English, or if you're looking for the lyrics to a particular song, but you don't know what album it's from. If nothing else, it was fun to make ^^;;


    I'm excited to say that new tabs are posted! We now have Sweeper and Ingrid said tabs, thanks to jams. Also posted updated tabs for all of the songs on the Funtime album. And more tabs to come in the near-ish future! :D

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    Yoko goes solo again

    Yoko is going solo again on 2.14 at CLUB Que. It looks like Sawao Yamanaka will be there as well. If you live in Japan, the doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:00. Tickets are 2,500 yen and 1 drink of 500 yen. Must be 21 or older.

    Yoko's first live solo performance!

    I'm sorry, but I can't resist this pun... Yoko's on her Ono :D

    Anyway, Yoko performed her first solo live show 11.2.2013 at Tokyo Cotton Village.

    I haven't been able to find many details on this, but from what I can gather, she is singing and playing guitar with original solo songs she has written as well as a couple of noodles' songs in solo version. It appears she is also performing solo on 12.27.2013 at DJ BUMP SHOW!!!

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