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One day, I would love to see Lesson 1 become the ultimate information source and playground for any English-speaking noodles fan, freshman or veteran. But I can't do it alone! One way to help Lesson 1 grow is to submit goodies, but just as important are your suggestions, corrections of typos and misinformation, and opinions.


I made this website for you, so I would love to hear your opinion of it! Anything you can think of, from "I don't like the name Lesson 1" to "I love the collection of lyrics" to "the website is ugly, please redecorate it", I'm all ears. It's always nice to hear positive feedback, of course, but I can't grow and make improvements without negative feedback either. So if you think something sucks, tell me!


I am only one human being; chances are I've left my fair share of typos, misinformation, and oddly worded sentences. Please don't hesitate to email me if you notice:

  • inaccurate information
  • typos/grammatical errors/poorly worded sentences
  • links that dead-end or lead to the wrong place
  • pictures/videos that are missing or don't work properly
  • formatting errors (half the page is bolded, etc.)
  • anything else you feel needs correcting
  • Suggestions

    I'm always open to suggestions for the website, whether it's an idea for a new section, how to better organize something, HTML/CSS concepts, or anything really. Like I said, Lesson 1 is for you, so if you have an idea for something you'd like to see with the website, I'm excited to hear it!

    Talk to me

    You can reach me at I try to check my email at least every other day, but sometimes life happens, or sometimes I just need a break from the internet. If I don't get back to you within 10 days, please resend your email.

    Talk to you soon! :D