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Do you have lyrics that aren't listed on this website? How about translations for Japanese lyrics? Maybe album scans, or guitar tabs, or other fun noodles-related stuff? Then you should share it for other noodles fans to enjoy! Lesson 1 is always thrilled to look over contributions to the website. Simply read over the quick guidelines for making submissions and send it my way. I, and every other noodles fan out there, will thank you! ♥

Submission form

If you are having trouble with the above form, you can also email me directly at

I look forward to hearing from you!

What I'm looking for

  • lyrics (English and Japanese)
  • translations of Japanese lyrics
  • lyrics typed out in Japanese script
  • tabs (guitar, bass, drums, piano, flute, anything!)
  • music videos
  • album booklet scans
  • interviews
  • pictures of T-shirts and other merchandise
  • links to purchase T-shirts and other merchandise
  • fan pictures and videos of concerts, etc.
  • fan art
  • individual biographies of Yoko, Ikuno, and/or Ayumi
  • translations of diary entries
  • fun information/materials not listed on the website
  • any and all other noodles-related stuff!