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Links will open a text document in a new tab in order preserve formatting. Song tabs are organized by album. If you have tabs for songs and/or instruments not listed here, please email me at or use the submission form. This section is still very small; help us build it up! :D

G denotes guitar tab
B denotes bass tab


  1. Funtime  G
  2. Beautiful Dreamer  G
  3. OH YEAH  G
  4. warning you  G
  5. R.P.M.  G
  6. perfect day  G
  7. put your hand in mine, baby  G
  8. clash  G
  9. We Are noodles From Sentimental  G
  10. Time has come  G
  11. all tabs for the Funtime album submitted by jams [updated 1.14.2014]


  1. Ingrid said  G
    submitted by jams


  1. Sweeper  G
    submitted by jams