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  1. noodles
    1. biography
    2. profiles
    3. history
    4. FAQ
    5. links
      1. various links to nooldes-related external websites
      2. various links to external websites which have a noodles page (i.e. Facebook, Youtube)
  2. music
    1. discography
      1. various pages detailing every noodles' release
      2. various pages detailing every release in which noodles are featured
    2. lyrics
      1. various pages providing lyrics/translations of noodles songs
      2. various pages providing lyrics of songs covered by noodles
    3. videos
      1. various pages featuring noodles music videos
      2. various pages featuring noodles live performance videos
      3. various pages featuring the band (i.e. interviews, talk-promotions)
      4. various pages featuring videos that feature or pertain to noodles
    4. tabs
      1. various pages providing various noodles tabs (or "sheet music")
  3. culture
    1. news
    2. merchandise
      1. various links to external websites which sell noodles merchandise
    3. featuring noodles
      1. various pages detailing projects that feature noodles (i.e. movies, toys)
        1. various links to external sites which provide more details about said projects
    4. interviews
      1. various pages with transcripts of noodles interviews
      2. various links to external sites that contain Japanese noodles interviews
    5. song covers
  4. fun stuff
    1. pictures
    2. booklet scans
      1. various pages providing scans of booklets and casing art of noodles releases
    3. merchandise gallery
    4. song identifier
    5. misheard lyrics
      1. various pages that provide funny "interpretations" of what Yoko is actually singing
  5. Lesson 1
    1. submissions
      1. submission guidelines
    2. feedback, corrections, and suggestions
    3. update archive
    4. site map
    5. notes about Lesson 1 content
    6. webmaster profile